Have A Hangover? Here's The Fix.

By Ask Benson — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Can coffee help my hangover?

The best night of your life just turned into your worst nightmare — the morning after. We've all been there, right? Your throat gets raspy, you’re dehydrated, and your head hurts as if someone kicked you in the brain. Sounds like you need your fix!


Here’s the deal to help relieve the hangover: Drink a cup of coffee, preferably The World's Strongest Coffee.

Alcohol produces acetate which gives you headaches. When you drink more alcohol than your body can handle, not only do you get drunk, but you also end up with a massive headache several hours after the imbibing occurred.

Caffeine from coffee can block the acetate, which can relieve a headache caused by withdrawal symptoms if you're a heavy coffee drinker. However, keep in mind that the same coffee you drink to prevent a withdrawal headache may also make your hangover headache worse. Caffeine narrows blood vessels, which in turn raises blood pressure. If your head is already in bad condition, this could intensify the effects. 

Unfortunately, there's a catch-22 for coffee drinkers when it comes to a hangover. You'll most likely need some of your brew to prevent a withdrawal headache. However, if you're in a pickle and coffee is making your headache worse, here's what to do if you can't fall back asleep.

1. Drink a full glass of water before your feet hit the ground.
2. Have a half a cup of coffee, perhaps.
3. Drink another glass of water.

Be sure to wait 30-60 minutes before consuming more coffee until your h2O starts to set in. If you need more coffee, stick with another half cup and then continue to drink endless amounts of water throughout the rest of the day. 

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