Can this chef make a three-course meal in a coffee maker?

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Tasty Senior Food Specialist makes meal in only a coffee maker

Alexis deBoschnek, a senior food specialist at Buzzfeed Tasty, accepted a challenge to cook a three-course meal using only one appliance. Would it be a waffle maker? An instant pot? A blender? Nope. Nope. Nope. 

All photos are screenshots taken from Buzzfeed Tasty's Video.

You guessed it: She was challenged to use ONLY a coffee pot, meaning that everything she has to prepare HAS to be used in an auto-drip coffee maker. Cooking with a coffee maker has been done before, but it's not exactly easy. 

Let's just start by saying that I think Alexis is a damn wizard. She didn't just make something simple, like Ramen, steamed veggies, or pasta — my girl went ALL. OUT. 

Here's what she made: 


Course one: Shrimp salad

  1. Alexis used the coffee maker to brew hot water, which she then cooked shrimp in. They turned out perfectly pink, by the way. 
  2. She prepped the other veggies going into the salad while the shrimp cooked through. 
  3. She also toasted coconut using the warming plate and foil. And yeah, it toasted. Then, she blackened tomatoes on the warming plate. Wizard, I tell ya.

Course two: Poached salmon and asparagus

  1. Alexis used the heating pad to heat up a sh*t ton of olive oil, dill, lemon rinds, and other spices. She then added pieces of salmon when the oil hit 180 degrees. Really going all in here on the seafood. 
  2. After the salmon cooked, she put beans, thyme, salt, and pepper in chicken broth in the pot, asparagus ribbons in the filter basket, and more chicken broth in the water reservoir. 
  3. She turned the pot on, and ask the chicken broth — yes, chicken broth — brewed, it also steamed the asparagus AT THE SAME TIME WHILE COOKING THE BEANS. 

Course three: Chocolate truffles

  1. Alexis heated heavy cream on the warm plate of the coffee pot, adding chopped up chocolate, and mixed them together in a bowl. 
  2. After chilling them for awhile, she rolled the mixture into small balls, rolled them in cocoa powder, and ta-dah! Truffles. 

Overall, this meal took WAY LONGER than it should have. But nonetheless, she did it. Alexis admits that the food tasted a little more bland than she had wanted, her colleagues said it tasted pretty damn good. One even called her the "Coffee Maker Queen."

Here's to hoping Buzzfeed either really cleaned that coffee pot when they were done or that they don't actually brew coffee in it — it brewed damn chicken broth through it, after all. 

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