These are the sure signs that coffee owns you

By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

If you're a coffee addict, you're probably proud of it. You wear your title of "coffee snob" as a badge of honor, and you probably even added coffee drinking as a skillset on your LinkedIn profile. It's fine, I'm with you. Let's all say it together now: "I'm addicted to coffee and I'm PROUD." If there's anything that us coffee fiends can agree on, it's that coffee owns us, and you know what? We're okay with that. We've sold our soul to the dark roasted side, and there's no turning back. These are the sure signs that you're one of us. 

You wake up thinking about your first cup of coffee

Your morning routine looks something like this: Wake up, growl at the alarm clock, stumble down the stairs, open bag of coffee, pour coffee grounds directly in mouth.

You’ll get your fix any way you can

You accept coffee in every shape and size including coffee ice cream, chocolate covered coffee beans, coffee flour, coffee vodka, coffee get it. 

Coffee is a basic requirement for existence

Coffee puts the "person" in morning person. Without coffee, you're pretty much just a really tall toddler whose blanky is currently in the wash. 

Your favorite art medium is latte art

Latte art speaks to you on a deeper level. But what does it mean!?

Other people judge you for your caffeine intake

When someone says you drink too much coffee, you take it as a compliment while exiling that same person from your life because what is "too much" coffee anyway?

You’d bathe in coffee if you could

Don't lie---you say that you use coffee grounds as an "exfoliant" but it's really just an excuse to literally bathe yourself in coffee. 

Coffee > People

While us coffee addicts have to stick together, there's an unwritten rule among all of us. No coffee = no talkee. So, are you with us or are you with us? 

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