What’s making headlines in the coffee world this week?

By Michael Brown — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

A new study suggests that coffee may help your wife or girlfriend listen better

According to NDTV, Highly caffeinated coffee and other highly caffeinated drinks may reduce the frequency of unexplained ringing noises in women’s ears.  I didn’t know women had ringing in their ears, but this ailment exists and is called Tinnitus. So, if the women in your life are not hearing you properly, give them strong coffee and hope for the best.

Turns out that people with high blood pressure can still drink coffee according to this article

“The Joint National Committee on Hypertension that stated that there is no relationship between coffee and high blood pressure.”

I’m not sold on this study personally, seems like one study says one thing and the next study will tell another story. As far as Death Wish Coffee goes I’m going to stick with my recommendation that this coffee is not for the weak. So if you have something wrong with your ticker, stay away, or at least limit yourself to one cup.

I would like to announce the 2014 sucker of the year.

It doesn’t list his name, but the purchaser of this $900 cupcake wins the award. Apparently as a gift for his wife’s 40th birthday, he wanted to show her that he still makes poor decisions when it comes to gift buying. The cupcake contains Kona coffee, edible gold, and 21-year-old Courvoisier. Not noted in this article but I heard from reliable source that it tasted great with a cup of Death Wish Coffee.

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