This nail polish smells like coffee and changes color depending on your mood

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Nail polish that smells like coffee changes color based on your mood

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Nails are the finishing touch to a great seasonal look. Combine the warm color choices of color with coffee scented nail polish and some will never want to welcome the sun ever again.

A woman with black nail polish holding a green coffee mug

Coffee scented and shaded nail polish is a new trend and we’re quite intrigued about this. We know how some ladies act when they get their nails done and these overreactions to new nails are not how we do things around here. We just need to make that clear and be upfront about it.  

Allure announced the Dare to Wear Mood Café collection from LeChat earlier this month. The collection, according to the brand, "will feature LeChat’s classic formulation for thermal gels and lacquers with an extreme color change from light to dark as body temperature varies from hot to cold, or cold to hot."

Furthermore, instead of that unmistakable nail polish-y smell you'd expect from, well, nail polish, these lacquers have coffee-inspired scents — including French Vanilla, cappuccino, and Pumpkin Spice (because of course). 

Autumn is a great time to try new things, especially when it comes to churning out a different beauty routine.

Maybe just try to be discreet about it sniffing your favorite smell of the season? You don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea, you know.

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