5 AMAZING Things That Happened In The Coffee World In 2017

By Kristen Underwood — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

If coffee doesn't seem like it's a newsworthy topic, then maybe you're not looking hard enough. In fact, this year, coffee was all over the news from fueling London buses to giant mergers within the industry. So is coffee news really all it’s cracked up to be? Given the fact that my hands are dirty, ‘grounds’ deep in coffee news that sparked my interest this year, that's going to be a resounding yes. Keep scrolling to read about the biggest coffee news of 2017. 


Coffee Grown In California May Be Coming Sooner Than You Think 

Coffee is grown on something called the "coffee belt," or "the bean belt" which exists below the equator. There are now studies being done to make it easier to grow beans in different areas of the world, namely, California. 


London Uses Coffee Grinds To Power Metro Buses

As a way to reduce oil and gas usage, London has looked into using the leftover coffee grinds to fuel their busses that run through the city center. Innovation at it's finest. 

2017 Hero Of The Year Is A North Carolina Coffee Shop Owner

One of the greatest stories we read this year was about a local North Carolina Coffee shop who is making it their mission to hire people of all abilities. 


Coffee Drinkers Age Better

Caffeine has many unique benefits. One that we learned about in 2017 is that Death Wish drinkers are vampires... according to science. 


People In England Are Ditching Their Tea For Coffee 

The UK is a place where we think of pinkie up tea drinkers. Apparently, this is all changing and coffee consumption is growing at a rapid pace amongst the Brits. 


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