A Coffee Hater Drank Coffee For A Week And Here's What Happened

By Sierra Meisser — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

If you ask me, a person who hates coffee is either lying or hasn’t given it a fair shot. Unfortunately for humanity, there are apparently people out there who don’t drink coffee at all and will go as far as to talk about how much they actually hate it. I know, I know. My mind is blown, too. I always thought that people who didn’t drink coffee were imaginary or only existed in bad dreams. So, what happens when you challenge one of these coffee haters to drink coffee for a full week? Buzzfeed presents put out a video "Coffee Hater Drinks Coffee For a Week" that challenges a non-coffee drinker to drink coffee for a week straight.


Meet Stephen. Stephen thinks not only that coffee is the worst, but so are the people that drink it. He says prior to the challenge, “People who drink coffee are all crazy. Because every morning they wake up, and they like, can’t interact with the world until they’ve had a cup of coffee.” What’s your point, Stephen? We can’t all be morning people because morning people aren't real. While he starts the challenge off with some good ol’ jitters and inability to focus, by day five, he’s legitimately looking forward to his first cup of the day. Ultimately, this is the challenge to take your non-coffee drinker friend and trick them into the caffeine addiction that both you and I have come to love.


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