How coffee-based beauty products can keep your hair healthy

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Coffee hair products can help improve hair growth and prevent breakage

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Everyone knows that we rise and shine to be our best with coffee, but did you know that it is also instrumental to your hair routine, too? That’s right, a shot of the caffeine can boost us to be our best selves and not simply by drinking it according to an article recently submitted by Virgin Media Television’s Xpose. Treat yourself. You know you want to.

The back of a girl's head showing her running her hands through long wavy brown hair and standing in front of a pink wall

Coffee-based beauty products are trending now and are expected to be big market movers through the next few years. The caffeinated formulas in the conditioner trends help prevent hair fallout due to breakage by strengthening roots and protecting those lovely locks against daily damage, says Spotherld.

Caffeine can improve blood flow and stimulation to the scalp, which is critical to promoting healthy hair growth. There are several coffee varieties of shampoo, conditioner and hair masks available so enjoy shopping for those while you sip on your favorite cup.

Science is indicating that better, fuller and longer hair starts from a good head scrubbing using a caffeinated product in the shower. According to German scientists at the University of Lübeck, adding a caffeine hit to your hair regimen can speed up hair growth by 25 percent.

Adding a caffeine treatment to your hair will not stop hair loss (blame that on hormones and heredity), but it can nourish your locks like it nourishes your soul.

Try this coffee hair mask and see what you think!


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