Coffee Gear You Need to Know About

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

When working with coffee every day, you tend to forget how awesome all the gear really is. I took a few pictures while I was making drinks to share with you. Here are some of my favorite coffee drinks made with some of the best and coolest gear.

I saw this skull ice cube tray for less than $5. I immediately knew that whatever I put in it needed to be white. I mixed almond milk and sugar so that I could snack on them like iced cream while finishing my iced coffee. Pair this with a good cold brew and it's practically dessert. 

I've always been infatuated with the taste of coffee brewed in glass. Naturally, when I saw the mug version, I had to buy it. It was fun experimenting with such a tiny brewer. Of course, it was also delicious. They sell them on Amazon for about $24.

I got the chance to take some pictures at Saratoga Coffee Traders with their new bottomless portafilter. I used Death Wish through the espresso grinder. As a result, the crema that I got was incredible. 



Do you have pictures of your own awesome gear? Shoot an email to for a chance to be featured!


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