This eyewear collection is made from coffee grounds

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Eye frames made from coffee grounds disintegrate 100 times faster than plastic

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Don’t attempt to adjust your focus. You are indeed seeing coffee. Ukrainian startup Ochis has developed Ochis Coffee — an eyewear collection made from coffee grounds, according to Forbes.

A photo of someone holding a pair of brown glasses made from coffee grounds with a river in the background

Most frame fashion is created using petroleum-based plastic, but Ochis opted to pursue a sustainable alternative and make theirs from the “grounds up.” These frames disintegrate 100 times faster than regular plastic glasses and that is a sure win for the planet.

Natural fertilization for plants can also be achieved with these specs if placed in soil or water.

The grounds are blended with flax and a biopolymer that is similar to vegetable oil before being molded into a bricklike design. The frames are then cut using a computer.

Oh, and yes, they do lightly smell like coffee.

Founder and CEO of Ochis Coffee Maksym Havrylenko is deeply rooted in the eyewear industry. He has 15 years in the business that has kept his family of opticians grinding, which is nothing to “blink” at. 

“I wanted to create something new and natural. So, we started our search for a perfect material that can be recycled. Coffee was that perfect one because it is a very popular drink. People consume 2.5 million cups of coffee per day all over the world,” he said in the Forbes article.

Green consciousness using coffee waste isn’t new for the furniture, cup, printing ink, or biofuel industries, but Ochis is the first to unleash this technology into the eyewear space.

Coffee grounds weren’t the only substance he put through the trial of creating sustainable eye fashion. He experimented with herbs such as mint, parsley, and cardamom before he found the right choice — natural coffee waste.

This was Ochis Coffee’s first fundraising effort on Kickstarter and it raised just over $13,000. Grab a pair to keep the sun out. We like it dark around here. 

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