Sh*t Only Coffee Drinking Bikers Understand

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Overhearing a couple of biker customers at Death Wish Headquarters, I saw a glimpse into the world of coffee and biking combined. Here are a few bits that non-bikers will simply not understand.

1. If coffee makes you go, you better go before your commute.



2. If you don't have time to make and drink coffee in the morning, you're going to have to wait until work. 


3. You have a higher standard for thermoses and other gear. A simple travel mug just does not cut it when you don't have cushy cupholders.

Drinking my coffee at a red light isn't an option--not a safe one, anyway 



4. People always know when you screwed the cap on the jar because you're so used to screwing things on tight for the ride. 


You usually have to unscrew it, too.

5. Stopping somewhere beautiful to actually drink coffee is one of the greatest feelings when riding. 


6. You give a polite chuckle when someone points out a coffee mug you've seen a thousand times before.

6. This video went viral:

But all you could think about is how the driver is completely oblivious:

  • Wandering through lanes
  • Doesn't notice the guy grab the cup off her bumper
  • Doesn't notice the guy run up beside her
  • Then it takes 30 seconds for her to notice him running along side her, the second time


Look twice, save a life!

For years Riki Rachtman has gone on cross country motorcycle rides and taken you with him via social media. In 2016, Riki started in Mexico then rode from California to Big Sur with one of his closest friends Gilby Clarke (Guns n Roses) and Billy Duffy (Cult). Then rode solo to the coast of Northern, California where he will hook up with long time friend and riding buddy Taime Downe. They will hug the California Coast ride up through Oregon Washington and into Canada. From there, Riki rode solo from the West Coast all the way to New York. 

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