Coffee can help your productivity: Here's How

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By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

What is in your cup determines the outcome of your day and whether it’s going to be epically amazing or straight from the gates of hell. The type of caffeine that you choose is vital when it comes to being productive, and naturally, coffee is always the right choice.

According to Ladders, “Research published in the journal Nutrients found that natural caffeine offers a more consistent and lasting effect compared to synthetic caffeine in regards to cognition and moods. A team from Clarkson University published the peer-reviewed study in hopes to find the difference in caffeine.”

Researchers investigated the differences in cognitive function, mood and physiological function found in the body between natural and synthetic caffeine-filled drinks. Synthetic caffeine is found mostly in energy drinks, as compared to natural caffeine found in coffee. The results definitely spoke towards the clear winner in this contest of competency.

The article continues to say that the research team found that both “natural and synthetic caffeine improved cognition and moods, however synthetic caffeine had an initial spike after 30 minutes but slowed and tapered at 60 and 90 minutes.”

In other words, natural caffeine will give you that natural jolt you need for longer, making it the obvious right choice. We’ll let the research speak for itself. Don’t mind us – we’re just grabbing another coffee.

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