5 coffee bars in the U.S. you should visit this summer

By Kristen Underwood — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

5 bars in the U.S. serving up boozy
coffee cocktails

Coffee shops may hit the spot in the morning when you’re itching for that adrenaline pump running through your veins to get your day started, but what about on Friday night when of course you want your coffee, but of course with a little somethin’ somethin’ added? Coffee bars all around the US are satisfying our every crave by merging the roles of baristas and bartenders to give us double the buzz for our buck. After all, happy hour isn’t nearly as happy without some spiked java. 

If you haven’t already made your summer bucket list, here are 5 coffee bars worthy of crossing off.

1. Halcyon Bar and Lounge: Austin, TX

(Photo credit: David Ingram via Flickr CC)

Coffee by day, coffee cocktails by night. And don't even get me started on the make-your-own s'mores. A couple drinks in and you'll want s'more of those.

(Photo Credit: Tipster)

2. Kobrick Coffee Bar: New York City, NY

(Photo Credit: Kobrick Coffee via Instagram)

Personal recommendation:

The Bloody Mary infusing vodka with fresh horseradish, habanero, salt, pepper and Worcestershire directly within a Chemex coffee filter. Ain't no flavor like the Chemex flavor.

3. Melrose Umbrella Co.: Los Angeles, CA

(Photo Credit: melroseumbrellaco via Instagram)

Life happens, coffee and cocktails help! You can find both under the umbrella of an old-fashioned Irish Coffee.

4. The Honeymoon Café and Bar: Houston, TX

(Photo Credit: Black Nupitals)

Do you promise to have coffee together every morning so long as you both shall live? "I do." 

5. Slightly Toasted: Chicago, IL

(Photo Credit: chicagobourbon via Instagram)

Alright, folks. It's time to get slightly toasted. Throw it on my tab!  

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