If These Famous Movies Were Coffee This Is What They'd Be

By Jeff Ayers — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

It all starts with a morning cup of Joe. Hell, even my cleansing routine begins with coffee scrub, followed by a second cup of coffee. Just as I'm sitting down to relax, I light my coffee scented candle, slip into my mug printed pajamas and let the weekend movies begin. Ultimately, coffee is a part of every move I make, every thought I think and every feeling I feel. Last weekend, amongst the holiday gatherings, a game came to mind: dedicate one coffee drink to the role of representing a specific movie. It's a lot tougher than I thought! Now kick back, grab another cup of coffee, and see if you can come up with some.  

rocky movie coffee

Jaws - Sea Salt Coffee

Forget the bigger boat, you're gonna need a bigger coffee. For obvious reasons, if Jaws could be in your morning brew it would definitely be a Sea Salt Coffee. Something good can come out of a giant flesh-eating shark right? Here's a great recipe


Casablanca - Moroccan Spiced Coffee

With ginger, cardamom, black pepper and more, Moroccan Spiced Coffee will have you covered in goosebumps, much like how Rick got you going with his toast to Ilsa. "Here's looking at you, kid." This recipe is one we love to make. 



Rocky - Americano

What better to represent the Italian Stallion than an Americano? "You’re gonna have to go through hell, worse than any nightmare you’ve ever dreamed. But when it’s over, I know you’ll be the one standing. You know what you have to do. Do it." We recommend creating this super easy drink at home with Death Wish Nespresso and hot water. Here's a quick tutorial on how to do it. 



Role Models - Large Black Coffee

A classic scene in which Paul Rudd's character explains that "large" is large. That's all there is to it. Let's not get technical about 20 oz. Just give me my damn coffee. Oh also, black coffee will do no recipe necessary.  



Cast Away - Island Coffee

Most of us would probably be found blowing our nose with poison ivy and devouring the deadliest of berries if we were stranded on an island. I'd be willing to bet if Chuck had this Island Coffee, he wouldn't have even needed Wilson in the first place. Here's how to make it. 



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