The Fountain of Youth is filled with coffee, apparently

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Study: Dark roast coffee has anti-aging properties

We've all heard the tale — drink from the Fountain of Youth, stay young, yadda yadda yadda. We're always searching for things to keep us young, from creams and supplements to scientific studies and more. 

Well one of the latest scientific studies points to our morning cup of coffee as a source of anti-aging benefits. 

It's not the first study of its kind to connect these dots. And it's widely known that coffee does more than just wake us up in the morning and keeps us going — it's packed with antioxidants and other health benefits.

The new study in the European Journal of Nutrition suggests that drinking dark roast coffee may prevent your DNA from breaking. Pretty neat, huh? 

DNA strands break pretty frequently from regular cell processes, but also from things like UV light and other environmental factors. As we age, our bodies become less and less efficient at repairing DNA breaks, which ultimately leads to aging.

But apparently dark roast coffee slows down that process. In the study researchers took coffee away from a group of test subjects for an entire month (SCREW THAT). They then asked some of the participants to drink dark roast coffee daily, while the control group continued to drink only water

Those who drank coffee experienced fewer DNA strand breaks over the course of the month than those who drank coffee alone. This led researchers to believe that dark roast coffee has a "beneficial protective effect on human DNA integrity." I'll drink a cup of coffee to that. 

Who says you need beauty sleep? Grab a cup of coffee and be on your way. No one looks back and remembers the nights they got a lot of sleep, anyways.

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