Coffee and booze: A match made in heaven?

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Hard Coffee hits the ground running as a 2020 trend

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Coffee and beer — do these two things actually go together? Time to start smelling the world’s new kind of brew, because you’re going to be seeing more and more of this combination everywhere as we usher in a new decade buzzing around Hard Coffee.

A coffee beer stout sits on a table while others drink different types of beer

Some may ask, why Hard Coffee? To sum it up, U.S. Consumers are demanding it.

According to Nielsen, American consumers are increasingly seeking their next caffeine fix from chilled, on-the-go coffee options. More than 1,000 new coffee products have launched in the U.S. market since August 2018 — a more than 30 percent increase from 2017. Innovation within the coffee industry is also blurring category lines and invading the alcohol beverage category, making route for new, creative offerings.

Travel Market Report listed coffee spirits will be the drink of 2020, so don’t be surprised to see drinks like beer stouts, Espresso Tonics, or nitro cold brew on tap. These “beer for breakfast brews” are key to eliminating hangovers, getting the day jumpstarted and filling you up — all at once.

Mixing coffee and booze isn’t anything new and has been around for centuries. Think White Russian, Kahlua Iced Coffee, or Irish Coffee — you get the idea.

When is the best time of day to enjoy such a beverage? Likely those looking for a weekend indulgence or those who enjoy day drinking — from the Sunday brunch gathering, to the tailgater, to those who want to stay awake, but chill well into the wee hours of a late night.

Mixing caffeine and alcohol is safe, if caffeine levels are below 50 mg, which is less than a shot of espresso, if you’re counting beans

Welcome to the year beyond just beer. Cheers!

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