YouTube premieres documentary about Claire Wineland

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Documentary about Claire Wineland highlights her inspiring outlook on life

A YouTube documentary about the beautiful Claire Wineland premiered this week, highlighting her life with cystic fibrosis and her inspiring outlook on life. 

A photo of Claire Wineland, founder of Claire's Place Foundation, in standing underneath pink flowers

Wineland, who had more than 35 surgeries and passed away last year at the age of 21, inspired millions of people to find purpose and to live proudly. She vlogged about her life with cystic fibrosis and how she didn't let that affect her outlook on life — instead, she decided to focus on everything life has to offer. 

She was an accomplished public speaker, entrepreneur, and author. At the age of 13, she and her family created Claire's Place Foundation, a nonprofit that offers assistance and aid to families dealing with the costly bills and extended hospital stays that come with battling cystic fibrosis. 

The film, titled "CLAIRE," tells the story of Claire's Place Foundation through interviews and footage, and explores her fight with cystic fibrosis and everything she accomplished. It's directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Nick Reed and Ryan Azevedo and produced by Paul Foley. 

Claire Wineland means a lot to us here at Death Wish, and her outlook on life inspires each and every one of us every day. We got the chance to talk with her on our podcast, Fueled By Death Cast, about her outlook on life, her organization, and her infectious spirit. Here is a small excerpt from the episode, and I encourage you to listen to the whole interview here.

Watch the trailer for CLAIRE below, and watch the full documentary on YouTube. You can also donate to Claire's Place Foundation here, and show your support on social media using #FightLikeClaire.

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