CJ Man, one of our biggest supporters, has been a trooper for 17 years

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

CJ Man has been a New York State trooper for 17 years

It's Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, and we wanted to shout out one of our biggest supporters and New York State trooper CJ Man. Our growing community is made up of tons of first responders, police officers, public safety officers, firemen, and more who stay up all hours of the night to keep us safe. 

Above: CJ Man, dressed as Batman for the Special Olympics New York Be Our Superhero Field Day, participates in a pie eating contest.

And coffee is no doubt an important part of the job. For CJ, it helps him stay alert and ready to go no matter what situation is thrown his way.

"For me and a lot of the other guys at the station — we work so many details like man hunts, security details, and so on, you have to be ready for anything in a moment's notice," CJ said in a Fueled by Death Show interview.

CJ has been a supporter of Death Wish since day one, buying coffee at Saratoga Coffee Traders (where Death Wish was founded).

"I always looked for something that was good and something with flavor," he said. "Once it came out, I brought it to work. At one point I would come back with 20 bags of coffee for the station." 

Thanks to CJ for keeping our community a safe place to live. Mugs up to all law enforcement for all that they do!

If you're looking to recognize law enforcement in you community, nominate them for Random Acts of Caffeination. Every month, we pick an organization to donate a surprise care package of coffee, merch, a handwritten note, and more.

Listen to more of CJ's interview on Fueled by Death Show below (around 16:30).

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