Christmas eyebrows are the latest holiday trend and I don't know how to feel

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By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Some people take decorating for the holidays a little too far. Forget decorating your tree, just decorate your eyebrows instead. 

A woman's eyebrow shown with red and green Christmas decorations on them Photo: Life and Style Magazine 

We’ve seen men’s beards decorated with glitter and tiny ornaments, and it if that wasn’t too much for you to handle, apparently a new “beauty trend” in holiday horrors is festive eyebrows. We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.

A Christmas tree brow idea was drummed up by YouTuber Taylor R, two years ago. She shaped her brows into feather brows, by parting her eyebrows and spreading out the hairs with the use of brow gel, and beard wax and then applied tiny gems for ornaments and stars.

Not only is the process timely, but it is also an awful idea.

The “trend” also made its way across the pond and infected London with a bad idea. Metro UK reports London beauty lovers were able to “make their brows sleigh” this holiday season, thanks to a pop-up brow bar that was opened earlier this month for one night only.

Four exclusive eyebrow designs created by influencer and celebrity make-up artist Bea Sweet Beauty include the option to sparkle like a Christmas tree, a ‘Frozen’ inspired Snow Queen look, a dashing reindeer or literally decking brows with bows of holly.

Clearly, these people are not from our tribe.

It is indeed beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but we don’t need to actually see it on your face. Please take your idea of “how to sparkle and shine this season” somewhere else. Just no.

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