How this tattoo artist broke into a competitive industry

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Female tattoo artist talks about entering a male-dominated field 

By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

Chantale Coady knows what it means to pay your dues. The renowned multi-award winning and published tattoo artist, tattoo studio owner, and occasional model waited at least twelve years before she was given an apprenticeship.  That is when the doors of opportunity began to open for her.  Female tattoo artists were unheard of during this time and she didn’t let that stop her dream of inking.

Shops were afraid to teach her how to be skilled in her craft, as they feared the fierce female as a competitor.

After moving to Australia from the UK with the intention of becoming an art teacher, her passion for tattooing was re-ignited. The first shop she visited saw her portfolio of art and wanted to give her the break she spent years seeking.

She speaks candidly in her interview in this episode of Fueled by Death Cast about how tattoos on women have come a long way from being  taboo to being seen as the more accepted and more common works of art that they are today.

Learn more about how women like Chantale Coady have broken down barriers and created huge followings by never giving up on their dreams in Episode 126 of Fueled by Death Cast.   

Hear more from this interview clip below, and find her full interview here

Angela Garrity is a guest blogger for Death Wish Coffee Co. Her work can be found in Vapun Magazine as well as on their website.

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