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By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

The never-ending, always expanding, full of wonders that include stars, suns, planets and other untold mysteries are all centered around the wonder of space. Today is Space Day and we are celebrating all the secrets that the great beyond is holding.

The history of Space Day stretches back to the very beginning of the universe when the Big Bang made its grand entrance on history and kicked existence, life, and everything else as we know it into action. In more modern terms, International Space Day started as plain and simple Space Day in 1997. 

The day was created to observe the many wonders of the unknown space that our planet, and plenty of others, floats in. Furthermore, it will encourage children to have more of an interest in the scientific field. In 2001, Senator John Glenn, himself a former astronaut, changed the day to International Space Day to widen its scope of celebration across the world.

Many scientific organizations celebrate this day with demonstrations, gatherings, and educational programs. You can be sure that your local science museum or observatory is doing something or other on this day, and it’s an excellent chance for you to learn about the wonders of the galaxy and beyond. 

Grab a telescope, model rockets, dehydrated astronaut meal, and the world’s strongest coffee that was launched into space and prepare for liftoff into the heavens and beyond, where the Earth becomes the Pale Blue Dot, and the rest of the infinite universe stretches further than the mind can imagine. 

Space Day is a day to celebrate humanity’s forays into the unknown, how far science has come, and the wonders that lie just beyond our atmosphere. If you learn only one thing today, make it something about space! 

Watch some space-related videos, have fun for all ages with NASA at Homelearn about our next trip to the moon, or join the Planetary Society and become a part of our next mission in space!

Space Day is the perfect time to take some time to realize that, maybe, we aren’t as important as we like to think. There are so many secrets out there waiting to be uncovered that it can be challenging to wrap your head around the potential that the rest of the galaxy and known universe offers. 

Keep asking questions, keep searching for answers, and keep reaching for the stars.

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