Celebrate Moon Day and Space Exploration Day

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By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

If you need an excuse to launch firework rockets over your neighborhood, dress up in a tinfoil suit with a fishbowl on your head, drag a telescope out into the garden, or sit in a circle howling like wolves as the moon rises we won’t blame you one bit. Today is cause for double celebration because it is both Moon Day and Space Exploration Day so we’re kind of excited about the double feature.

The phrase, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, uttered by Neil Armstrong, would change our world forever. Today, we remember not only the historic landing on the moon that occurred on this date in 1969, but also pay respect to the monumental effort that it takes in order to get a space program off the ground.

In conjunction with Moon Day, there’s also a way to pay homage to the incredible achievements of the past and fire up enthusiasm for the benefits of space exploration efforts to come in the future – Space Exploration Day.

Celebrate both of these occasions by taking a nature hike in the spirit of exploration, organizing a star gazing party, setting off model rockets, or gathering the family around the television to watch a classic movie about outer space or the Moon. There are plenty of other options to have some fun and celebrate a universe yet to be fully explored.

Speaking of space exploration and the moon, find out the whole story of Death Wish Coffee going to space here.

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