Cat's got your Christmas tree — here's how to prevent it

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Meowy Christmas, ya filthy animal

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

There are a lot of things that can ruin Christmas, but the one thing that can destroy it in a matter of minutes is a cat left alone with a Christmas tree. Felines simply cannot resist their predatory urges when it comes to playing with the festive firs as cat owners prepare themselves for worst-case scenarios year after year.

A photo of a brown tabby cat sitting in a Christmas tree
Photo: BestLife

Cats really can’t be blamed for these strange seasonal objects that have come into their territory. Trees are pretty with their strung lights, adorned with hanging ornaments, and the height of a tree is just too much for them to resist. For them, this is a playground of their wildest dreams, as this Temptations commercial shows. For the owners, this can spell disaster and also means taking serious extra safety precautions.

The Sacramento Bee listed a few that owners should note.  

  • The hair-brained solution is to set up the tree in a room where the door can be closed. Keeping the cat out of the room is by far the easiest solution.
  • Try to minimize a jumping-off point. Cats love to climb. If a tree has been set up near a climbing point, they can jump from to tackle the tree, they are sure to wind up in it.
  • Consider placing aluminum foil down under and around the tree. Cats don’t like standing on it.
  • Cats are not fans of citrus. Orange peels or cotton balls soaked in citronella might keep kitty from going near the treasured Tannenbaum, too.
  • Tinsel is extremely dangerous if eaten by cats. It is best to skip this décor altogether if you are a cat household.

It is possible to be festive with pets this Christmas, as Bored Panda has shared their photo collection of great hacks in having both a great tree and great pets.

Pets can be complete a$%holes at times, but we still love them. Remember to keep them all safe this holiday season.

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