Carole Baskin is Dancing with the Stars

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By James Collins

Hey there cool cats and kittens! Years from now, when COVID-19 is hopefully just a memory, you will think back on the shut down, the zoom meetings, and of course, Tiger King.

It seems like it was years ago when the Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin's war was brought to the forefront but in reality it has only been a few months. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, there was essentially a Tiger turf war between Exotic and Baskin which ending up having Joe behind bars and Carole free to dance her heart out on ABC on Tuesday nights. Yeah, it is strange - but what makes this even weirder is another interesting tidbit in the fact that Baskin's allegedly murdered her husband Don Lewis, yet no evidence has been brought forth to convict her.

During the show's premier on Sept 14th, and the Tiger Queen cut a rug to 'Eye of the Tiger' with ballroom dancer Pasha Pashkov. (I'm no dancer, but I think it's safe to say that Carole could’ve used some of The World's Strongest Coffee®.

Many athletes like to drink some coffee before working out, or competing, and it would be fun to see all the stars on the show with a little more caffeine. When dancing to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ one must be elusive, quick, and shifty- much like a cat.

This year's Dancing with the Stars also features Backstreet Boy AJ McLean, actress Anne Heche, Super Bowl champion Vernon Davis, and grammy-winning rapper Nelly among the other stars. It is already off to an interesting start, with socially distanced judges including new addition Tyra Banks, and a disembodied crowd noise rather than a live studio audience. Oh, and the family of Carole's missing husband paid for a commercial during the broadcast to look for any information regarding the disappearance of Don Lewis, with a 100,000 dollar reward. 

Did you hear about the time Joe Exotic called Death Wish Coffee customer service? (Not really, but its pretty funny!)

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