Can kids be louder than metal music?

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By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

Annoying children and parents beware that we like it loud, but not when it’s coming from kids’ screaming. Sorry not sorry, but shrieking kids are no match for a metalhead who’s had enough.

The Sandwich Enterprise explains what the noise was all about.

“Police responded to Viburnum Circle when loud children at play annoyed a neighbor to the point that he dragged a stereo speaker outside and blasted heavy metal music in retribution," the article reports.

"At 4:01 PM on Saturday, June 27, one of the residents walked into the police station to report that the other neighbor had walked onto her property without permission and yelled at her. She said that her children had been playing in the backyard, which had upset the other neighbor and that he had yelled at them to quiet down or take their play inside.”

Here comes revenge, Karen. Be ready for a loud dose.

“Police spoke to the man, who said that the children were constantly screaming and that the noise was “driving him crazy.” In response, he then loudly played Metallica music.

No charges have since been filed.

Welcome home, but just leave the man alone, kids.

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