Remembering the time we got a call from Santa

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Santa Claus (voiced by Brock Powell) calls Death Wish Coffee

Remember when your parent threatened to call Santa Claus when you were bad? Well what if Santa decided call you back? And what if he drank a little too much eggnog?

Pictured above is Santa Claus in Disneyland. 

On Fueled By Death Cast in 2017, the hosts were surprised to receive a call from Santa, as this really isn't a call in show. Santa talks about his reindeer strike, the toy list he received, and more. And it has us wondering — Santa, are you OK? 

Jeff and Dustin helped him out with some holiday cheer because even Santa needs some friends around Christmas. Santa Claus is played by voice actor Brock Powell, who suggested we pay Santa a visit in Disneyland this year.

Brock is one of our closest friends here at Death Wish and is a voice actor based in California. He's worked with many voice actors including Bill Farmer, whose been the voice actor of Goofy and Pluto since 1987.

Watch the full call from Santa below: 

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