Amazon series 'Bosch' announces season 5

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Titus Welliver talks all things Bosch on Fueled by Death Cast

Titus Welliver is returning as Harry Bosch for a fifth season, going deep undercover as an LAPD detective, Welliver announced today. 

Coming April 19 on Amazon Prime Video, the new season includes Bosch investigating a murder at a Hollywood pharmacy that exposes an opioid ring. So what does he do? Go undercover, of course. 

This is the first time Bosch will be going undercover, and you might notice a similar logo on the Bosch's desk in the series — yep, a Death Wish Coffee sticker is right on set. Even the Bosch drinks Death Wish Coffee.

Our interview with Titus airs today on Fueled by Death Cast, and we had him on the show to talk about all things Bosch, his career, and of course, his love for Death Wish Coffee. Jeff and Dustin flew to LA to interview him, tour the set, watch a few scenes, and they even got to meet his pets, too (they're adorable, by the way).  



Jeff and Dustin talked to him about what it was like to BE the Bosch, to get inside his head, and to portray that on screen. As a homicide detective in Los Angeles, the character sees the worst of people and has to keep his cool, and for Titus, he has to walk the line between fiction and reality.

"In the first season... he said, 'Homicide work is after the fact. Someone's been killed, and we show up. It's our job to figure out who and how they did it. There's another line that Bosch says, where somebody makes a reference to closure for the family, and Bosch says, 'Closure's a myth,'" Titus said in his interview. "And it's true. All that Bosch can do — and he is the conduit, right? He is that guy. He can obtain justice. He can't obtain closure, because he can't bring the person back to life."

And we can't wait to see what his character has in store for Season 5. It picks up 15 months after the end of the fourth season, where he brought his mother's murderer to justice but also loses his ex-wife, Eleanor. 

Watch the clip from his interview below, and listen to his full interview here. Now if you'll excuse us, we'll be binge watching the first four seasons from now until April. 


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