Black Metal Yoga offers hellish form of fitness

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By Angela Garrity, Guest Blogger

There are a few ways to work one’s ass off, and this time, we’re talking about the literal kind.  No gym, no problem. This workout can be done anywhere and guarantees you’re definitely going to feel the burn (in hell) straight to the target zone of your glutes.

There will be suffering.

 Black Metal Beauty Guru performing a yoga pose in a cow pasture

WMMR shared the video that displays a very intense lower body routine led by Instagram “Black Metal Beauty Guru” Lydia (@borkkvlt). The clip shows the Black Widow Yoga fitness guru in full corpse paint showing us all how to get an actual pain in the ass – the burn.

This isn’t only Lydia’s first rodeo (goat), however.

Loudwire explains, “There are other Black Widow Yoga classes via the Metal Yoga with Black Widow Yoga YouTube page. Classes typically run between 30 to 45 minutes with a mat required. And for those appreciating the workout, classes are donation-based with a suggested donation of what else, $6.66, per class.”

Hell yeah.

There is also a shop to scoop up some badass workout attire or badass work-from-home attire – whatever you want to refer to it as is fine, but just know, your sports bra never looked this metal before.

Kick your normal workout routine’s ass on YouTube here and jump on the Spotify playlist to accompany the workout videos.

Hell hath no fury.

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