You literally can't get cream or sugar in your coffee at this coffee shop

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Black Black Coffee in Denver serves just that

If you're sick of standing behind people in coffee shops ordering a "coffee" drink with a name longer than Daenerys Targaryen's official title, we found the place for you.

Black Black Coffee in Denver, Colorado advertises "Death to Cream" right on top of their website. Respect. The coffee shop lives by the mantra "If your coffee needs doctoring, it must be broken." Call it snobby, we call it genius. Who wants to wait in line for 20 min because two people can't even pronounce the fancy frappuccino they want?

Baristas from Black Black Coffee encourage their visitors to truly enjoy the taste of their coffee beans, something you can't do when you load sugar and cream into it. They aim to source coffees from the best farms in the world so you have the absolute best experience you can while you're in there. 

Black Black Coffee was started as a social experiment about five years ago, serving coffee one cup at a time without offering cream or sugar. Why? So customers were forced to try coffee without cream and sugar. Not only were their customers presently surprised, but many even permanently converted to drinking good coffee black. 

Drinking coffee black allows you to fully taste its flavor notes — and not all coffee tastes the same. The Specialty Coffee Association of America has its own Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel that hangs in production roasters and cupping labs worldwide. It currently contains 110 attributes — anything from whiskey or winey to dark chocolate or chamomile — each associated with a specific coffee product. 

If you're truly looking to get the most out of your coffee, drink it black. And if you need some help making the transition, the staff at Black Black Coffee is there to help you out.

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