Comedian Bill Burr talks about his place in comedy

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Bill Burr on what fuels him and his career in comedy

On Death Wish Coffee's weekly podcast, Fueled by Death Cast, we ask the same million dollar question: What fuels you? 

Answers range from all over, and all of our guests have unique answers. We recently had the honor to talk to comedian Bill Burr on the podcast. Burr is one of the creators of the popular Netflix series F is for Family, which recently released season 3. But Burr is also known for his successful career as a comedian.

On this clip below from his interview on Fueled By Death Cast, comedian Burr talks about his place in comedy. Bill loves what he does and loves to make people laugh, and is always striving to be better at his craft. He has worked hard throughout his career in comedy and has become one of the great working stand-up comedians today.

So what fuels him to continue on in comedy?

"Because I love it. I don't have to get motivated to do it. I love it. I am lucky enough to do what I love to do, so I'm constantly trying to get better at it," Burr said. "One of my motivations is how far up the all-time ladder I can get, knowing that the top 25, 30 are solidified, despite anybody's lists out there. The top 30 are the people that basically invented the art form, you know what I mean?"

"And a lot of them get overlooked, and it's always so stupid when they make these dumb lists. They'll stick somebody so goddamned high up the list from this era, and they've got like three specials. It's like, really?," Burr continues. "Like, your three specials are better than this person who changed the game? Their entire body of work couldn't hold up to your three specials? Get the f**k out of here. So that's why I don't. There's the list, and then there's the real list, so I'm trying to go up the real list."

Watch the video below to hear more of his answer, and listen to his full episode on Fueled by Death Cast here.

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