Why Are We Better Lovers After Coffee?

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Through trial and error, we as humans begin to pinpoint what improves our lives and relationships alike.  Apart from the obvious energy boost and headache-healing qualities, I often wonder why coffee is so crucial.
Why are we better lovers after coffee? I took a plunge into peer-reviewed articles and scientific studies to figure it out. 

1. Caffeine enhances physical performance

Not only does caffeine help battle fatigue, it also reduces the performer's perception of pain and increases endurance by increasing fatty acids in the blood.  

2. Coffee boosts short-term memory, brings better conversation

When the capacity of short term memory is larger with boosts such as caffeine, information is more readily available and retrievable in the mind.
You might find that when you drink coffee, it feels as if you're talking a million miles a minute. This is probably due to the fact that your short term memory is boosted and you simply have the desire to branch the conversation into different direction derived from previous talking points.

3. Yes, coffee keeps you hydrated and healthy

The symptoms of dehydration are headaches, overheating and dry mouth. Irritability. Anger. Are there many things worse for companionship?
Despite the common myth that coffee itself dehydrates, the diuretic effect does not affect hydration. Coffee counts toward your daily intake of water. 

Happy loving!




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