These are the best whiskeys for your Irish Coffee

By Jeff Ayers — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

What Whiskey should I use for my Irish Coffee?

A time-honored tradition is upon us: the National Holiday for Irish Coffee. While many sources tell different tales of where this practice actually started, it is a drink loved by many and celebrated on January 25. (Some people celebrate it 364 other days in the year as well).

The recipe is simple (I think that's the point?). Black coffee is poured into your mug. Whiskey and at least one leveled teaspoon of sugar is stirred in until it is fully dissolved. The sugar is essential for the liquid cream to float on top. Or at least that is one way to do it.

My favorite whiskeys for Irish Coffee:

Photo: Albany Distilling Co


This award-winning rye whiskey is made by the Albany Distilling Company with 100% New York State-grown ingredients. Dark and delicious, this whiskey boasts 2-4 years aged in Oak Barrels and an earthy sweet finish, making it a perfect pairing for your black brew.


This whiskey is made with incredible attention to detail from PM Spirts. Aged 8 years with a focus on the bourbon, but with subtle hints of vanilla and apple and nuts. This whiskey will compliment your coffee and linger in the back of your mind long after the cup is empty.


Typically aged up to 6 years, this blended Kentucky bourbon whiskey is finished for up to 6 months in port wine casks. This gives the whiskey and incredibly smooth and sweet taste. Pouring this into your cup of joe will truly make a heavenly drink.


While Jameson might be the staple when you think of Irish Whiskey, the Black Barrel is truly a step above. This triple distilled blend of grain and pot still with a double charring delivers an enhanced butterscotch and pepper flavor. Black Barrel. Black Coffee. Black Gold. 

Honorable Mention:


This is the one stop shop for your Irish Coffee. Blending whiskey, Irish cream, and hints of chocolate, with Baileys you can't go wrong. Just add this to your favorite caffeinated potion and enjoy!

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