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3 Benefits to buying coffee online

 1. Convenience 


We all know how much better it is to order coffee without ever having to put pants on. Things like subscriptions make it even easier, bringing coffee to your doorstep every month or week without even having to think about it.  


2. Value





When we sell coffee online, we are able to cut out the middle man. This means that we get to sell coffee at a reasonable price, eliminating the risk of retailers and big box chains jacking up the prices on the shelves. Since we don’t have to worry about costs associated with retail, we get to spend more of our resources on producing a great product.


 3. Freshness

 Ideally, coffee should be consumed within two weeks after roasting.  Retailers often overstock and keep it on the shelves for months, making it impossible to buy truly fresh coffee from the supermarket. Here, we ship USPS Priority, ensuring that Death Wish Coffee gets from the roasting machine to your doorstep in less than a week.