This is the secret behind our barrel-aged coffee

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This is how we aged our whiskey coffee in barrels

Our whiskey-infused coffee is made out of solely Peruvian coffee beans and is created using the process of aging green, unroasted coffee beans in soaking wet barrels of whiskey.

The greens are slowly poured into the barrel. We're careful not to add too much because we anticipate a pretty significant growth in the size of the bean. The beans will then steep for about 20 full days. After we dried the beans for about a week, they were finally dry enough to roast. You can tell a bean is ready when it can't be split with just your fingers. Although they were not visibly wet, the fruity aromas are still very apparent.

Using our organic-only roaster, we pour the beans into the valve where they were then sucked up into the machine. They are then roasted to a perfect medium roast! We only offer this blend in the whole bean option, to better preserve the unique and distinct flavor profile.

Between the intensive process and availability of barrels from our local distiller, you can imagine these beans get picked up pretty quickly. Our Barrel Brand releases are typically small runs but never fear. We're always working towards our next variety! 

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