Barbaranne Wylde and her first date with Zakk

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Written by guest blogger, Angela Garrity

Wylde First Date

Barbaranne talks about the “Wylde” journey of dating Zakk and the early years of their relationship, in this episode of Fueled By Death Cast.

“We first dated in 8th grade. Zakk always tells everyone we dated in 6th grade, but we did not date in 6th grade – we’ve known each other since 6th grade”, Barbaranne clarifies. 

Can you picture a then 8th-grade guitar god on a first date? We didn’t think so either, so Barbaranne dishes all about it to Jeff. 

“Okay, this is funny that you bring this up. So he asked me out and I was ‘Class Flirt’ in 8th grade and also won it again Senior Year, so I have a little bit of a reputation” Barbaranne jokes. 

Barbaranne is a pistol and we are glad that she’s our pistol. 

“Zakk and I started dating and he asked me to go to the movies at the Jackson Cinema, which is no longer there, in our little town of Jackson, New Jersey. Great Adventure is the only thing that ever put Jackson on the map.” 

Seems legit and fairly normal, right?

“We went to see Urban Cowboy and Zakk tried to go up my shirt. I wouldn’t let him, so he broke up with me the following Monday. From 8th grade on, I was like “Zakk Wylde is such a jerk’. I didn’t like him at all and thought he was a total jerk.” 

Whoa. This just took a quick turn like one of the rides at Great Adventure, huh?

“Our senior year in high school, we became best buds again. He was dating a girl that was a friend of mine and I was dating the bass player in his band. He came to me in school one day and said, ‘Do you really like Donny?’ – the bass player. I was like ‘Eh, he’s ok. You know. Whatever.’ And he said “Well, I just want to let you know I just broke up with him for you because I can’t marry you if you’re dating him and I’m going to marry you one day. “

Stop. You’re melting our black heart. 

“I was 16 at the time. The only reason I agreed to go out with him was because I cut class and asked my English teacher for a pass. He said ‘I’m only going to give you this pass if you agree to go on a date with Zakk. This guy is crazy about you, he’s a good guy, the way he looks at you, etc.’

Barbaranne had a type then and Zakk didn’t fit the bill of what she was looking for. Sorry, Zakk. “He’s got blond hair and I only dated brunettes at the time. Alright, I’ll go on a date with him. We’ve been together ever since.”

We are so glad that you agreed because we cannot imagine the two of you not together. “Four kids and 30+ years later” just feels right. 

Check out episode 145 of Fueled by Death Cast and hear Barbaranne Wylde recant her version of the Wylde voyage on the road to paradise with husband and Viking, Zakk. 

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