The Coffee Myths You've Been Telling People Are Probably Wrong

By Death Wish Coffee — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

It is a fact that coffee is universal. And while this might be a wonderful thing, it's also the reason that everyone has their opinion on it. These opinions have led to myths and now we have tons of ideas about what coffee is best, how to drink it and what it does to you. That's why we've called in Sierra Meisser and Teah Teriele, Death Wish Coffee's resident coffee experts to debunk some of your favorite myths. 

1. Coffee will stain your teeth. 

"Unfortunately coffee does stain your teeth but there are definitely ways to work around it. Flossing every day, every morning, every night. I will swish coconut oil in my mouth after I brush my teeth for just a couple minutes."


2. Dark Roast has less caffeine than light roast. 

"A lot of people would originally think that a dark roast would have more caffeine, and then it came out that light roasts actually have more caffeine. But really, neither is true. If you take the same bean and roast them to different shades, the difference is negligible. It's all based on either weight or volume. By weight, the two roasts have similar caffeine levels but by volume light roast coffee has more caffeine because they are denser. You can't really cook the caffeine out of a coffee, but there are things you can do during the roasting process, which is a part of our secret here at Death Wish." 



3. Espresso is a blend of coffee. 

"Espresso is not a blend, it's a brewing process. You can make espresso with any bean. You can make it with any coffee bean, but there are some coffees that are ideal for espresso. Ideally a mix, as we went into before about arabica and robusta mix. Typically a darker roast with a mix of the two kinds of beans work best, but there's absolutely no such thing as a espresso blend or an espresso coffee. It's simply a brewing process."


4. Freezing your coffee will make it last longer. 

"If you're not going to use it for a while put it in the freezer but make sure it's sealed really well. The Death Wish bags work fine. Unopened freezing your coffee is okay. Once it's opened, though, you probably wouldn't want to put it back in the freezer because condensation can build up, it can change the structure of the coffee beans and it can ruin things like the overall aroma and flavor profile."


5. Coffee will sober you up.

"It's absolutely not true, at all. You might think you're a little bit more sober but like other drugs, you will feel like you're a little bit more sober but you're just not. You're not at all more sober and actually, it's worse because coffee, it will raise your heart rate and it will make you more confident but you'll be just as incompetent to drive or do other things. "


Watch below to see more myths debunked. 


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