Our favorite memes about Area 51

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Area 51 memes are taking over the internet 

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

The truth might be out there, but we find it best to just leave it alone. We’re all too familiar with how these things turn out when they claim to come in peace.

What started as an internet joke has gone viral in a blaze with chatter of Storm Area 51 on Friday, September 20. All we’re saying is Megadeth warned everyone years ago to the horrors that lie in Hangar 18, so you can’t say you didn’t know.  

A meme about Aliens from the History Channel's "Drunk History"

The event is a joke guys, so please don’t show up. You can’t believe everything you read on the internet and the troll factor on this one is amazing. The memes that are coming from the Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us “organizers” Shitposting cause I’m in shambles, SmyleeKun and The Hidden Sound is fantastic.

Could this all just be a “cover” for the largest EDM event the world has ever seen? Think about this for a second. One of the organizers, The Hidden Sound, posted this on July 10, just days after the Nevada desert gathering was shared.

Or maybe named organizer, SmyleeKun is going to rally the largest audience for a Twitch game stream anyone has ever seen? Amargosa Valley is not where Area 51 is located, but we can’t wait to hear more about what is planned from 3am-6am during that time.

Did these three just pull the biggest prank that the internet has ever seen? Only time will tell. Until then, we’ll just sit back and enjoy our Death Wish from the comforts of not being in the Nevada desert. We can “see them aliens” just fine from here.

Here are some of our favorite memes circling the internet about Area 51: 

Totally trustworthy 




I always love a good HP meme


Please don't


ET is still terrifying btw 


Did someone say "puppies"?

Angela Garrity is a guest blogger for Death Wish Coffee Co. Her work can be found in Vapun Magazine as well as on their website.


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