What we're shopping for on Amazon Prime Day

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Look at what's in Death Wish Coffee employee shopping carts on Amazon

If you haven't heard yet, it's Amazon Prime Day both today AND tomorrow — meaning there are tons of discounts on your favorite products (including Death Wish Coffee). 

Amazon Prime Day logo

While we're all stocking up on coffee, we know it's impossible to go on Amazon to buy just one thing. And there's A LOT of stuff you can buy on Amazon. 

We went around our office and warehouse to see what Death Wish employees are adding to their carts for Prime Day — further proving just how eclectic (and weird) this caffeinated family is. 

Will, direct marketing specialist: Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens Card Game listed on Amazon for Prime Day

"My girlfriend and I need to step-up our board game collection, we don't own any cats so ethically we're solid."

Dustin, logistics manager: Brita water filter 

A clear Brita water filter that holds 10 cups and is used to filter tap water, as listed on Amazon

Hydration is important, people. 

Sierra, social media manager: Litter box/cat teepee 

Black and white starred cat and dog teepee listing on Amazon

"I went into Prime Day needing a new litter box for my cat, but I came out needing this cat teepee." 

Danielle, shipping and receiving: Tarot cards

A listing for a deck of Tarot cards on Amazon

"Tarot cards for my inner witch."

Shannon, content manager: Renaissance Faire dress

Black and Green Renaissance dress for women cosplay, as listed on Amazon

"I'm going to my first Renaissance Faire this year and have no idea what I'm doing. All I want is a turkey leg."

Chelsea, executive assistant: Ped egg

"I want my feet super soft for the summer!"

Caiden, customer relations manager

Black Motorcycle Goggles listed on Amazon Prime

No matter what you need to shop for, it's probably on Amazon. Happy Prime Day! 

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