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Everything you need to know about mug releases

What you need to know about our Deneen Mug releases

Ever since 2014, we have been working with the amazing craftspeople at Deneen Pottery in St. Paul, Minnesota to create collectible coffee mugs for all of you. If you are new to the Death Wish Coffee family or one of the seasoned 'Mug Life' collectors, we wanted to give you all the details on how to be in-the-know on all of our upcoming mug releases.

*We're always trying to improve and make our customers' experience the absolute best, so the contents of this blog are subject to change*


We love to work with incredible people and charities to help raise money through the sales of our mugs. We've worked with Zakk Wylde to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, as well as many others to come together for a cause. We've also teamed up with Special Olympics New York for the last three years to create a charity mug, too.

When we do special mug releases to help raise money for charity, there are:

  • No early releases for subscribers
  • No text alerts
  • No Golden Ticket colors

These releases are extremely limited and we want to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to purchase a mug and help us raise money for a great cause.


Every year we try and release a handful of limited edition mugs to celebrate our love of coffee and sometimes coincide with various holiday seasons. We are always trying to figure out new and better ways to notify you when our mug releases are happening, but here is everything we have so far.


    We tease our mug releases in a few fun ways. First of all, if you aren't following us on social media, you're missing out on all our content and product announcements. It is really easy — we're @deathwishcoffee on Instagram and Twitter and Death Wish Coffee Company on Facebook.

    We also have a weekly internet TV Show, the Fueled By Death Show, and our weekly podcast, the Fueled By Death Cast. Both include teases of upcoming mugs, sometimes way before they are announced on our social media. The Fueled By Death Show comes out every Wednesday at 7 PM EST on our Facebook Page and then can be found on our YouTube channel. The podcast, which features a special guest every week, is available every Thursday on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and at

    Also, make sure you have signed up for our mailing list on the website because that is yet another way to stay up to date on new releases and details about upcoming mugs.


      A few weeks before the actual mug release day, we have a Golden Ticket Day. This means every purchase made on our website that day has a chance to win an extremely rare mug — it'll have the same medallion and shape as the upcoming release, but it'll be in a limited edition glaze. Only 20-30 of these incredibly rare variants are made of the upcoming mug and you won't know if you got one until your order is delivered. 

      Also on our Golden Ticket Days, EVERY ORDER placed that day will receive a special patch that has the same image that the upcoming mug will feature. If you are a subscriber to our coffee, you will automatically get this patch in your next subscription order!


      If you are a Death Wish Coffee subscriber you already know you get a ton of discounts and perks for being part of the subscription program. On top of all that, subscribers also get one-day early access to the mug release.  So if you are a coffee subscriber, make sure check your email with a subscriber-only login to purchase the mug on our website. Remember: Coffee subscriptions are different than subscribing to our email list


      The day the mug is released to purchase on our website, we will notify you many different ways to ensure you know about the mug as soon as it is available to purchase. Because the mugs are limited to 5,000 or less they sometimes sell out very quickly. Here are the best ways to find out about the next upcoming mug release:

      • Watch the Fueled By Death Show or listen to the podcast to find out about details about the upcoming mug release
      • Sign up for our email newsletter and it will alert you the mug is on sale the day it is released in your inbox — usually close to 11 AM EST
      • Sign up for our text message alert system: Text the word MUGS to 484848 to receive a text message the minute the mug goes on sale on mug release day, with a link to buy the mug right in the text message.
      • Enter for chances to win mugs, too. Every week, we have contests on our Facebook Live and the Fueled by Death Show to win mugs and more. Enter all of our live contests here and tune into the Fueled by Death Show for chances to win.

      Once the mug is released and sold out, that's it — no more of that mug style will be made again. We do try to get them to you as safe and quick as possible, but if for any reason your mug arrives damaged we will do our best to replace it for you.

      One final word on mugs — there are other mugs we come out with every year that are in stock and available for much longer. These include our diner mug sets featuring some of our favorite social media memes, and also our Death Wish and Valhalla Java yearly mugs that are available all year long (also note that our yearly mugs are also not numbered).

       Mugs up! 

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