You might want to re-think that airplane coffee

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Is it really safe to order coffee on an airplane?

We get it, traveling sucks. Add constant delays, flight cancellations, and long security lines, and there's no doubt you're going to be dying for a cup of coffee. 

But you might want to rethink your drink order the next time you get settled into your seat — depending on what airline you fly

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A recent study ranked the water served on major US airlines. 

Water plays a major role in the taste of your coffee. Since water obviously makes up an important part of your coffee, the type of water you use is extremely important. You should always go with spring water, if possible — ditch the distilled and tap water. If there's a lot of minerals in your tap water, your coffee maker will most likely clog in the future.

The same thing goes for water on airplanes — the better the water, the better the coffee. And on some United States airlines, you should really just stick to a soda. 

The study, conducted by the Hunter College New York City Food Policy Center at the University of New York and, found that Alaska Airlines and Allegiant Air had the best quality water. On the contrary, JetBlue and Spirit had the worst quality water. 

Don't freak out about all water served on airlines, though. They're all required to provide safe drinking water for passengers and crew thanks to the Aircraft Drinking Water Rule, a federal government policy mandated in 2011.

But if you're concerned about the water quality on your flight used to brew, it's best to skip the tea or coffee altogether. 

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