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8 terrifying mugs you need to add to your collection

Let's face it — you can't drink a coffee called "Death Wish" in any basic coffee mug. You either go big or go home. And if you're scared easily, you might want to stop here. 

These custom mugs made by artists online are truly terrifying pieces of art. Drink coffee out of one of these bad boys on Halloween and you'll scare the costume off of little Jimmy from down the street while he's trick or treating. 

Clown mug by GetClayByDanAndHeidi on Etsy

This makes Pennywise look like a wimp.


Zombie Mug by Cerapost on Etsy

Tbh this is what I look like in the morning before I've had any coffee. 


Custom Moldy Mugs by MoldyCreations on Etsy

I... really don't know what's going on here, but it makes me feel queasy. 


Skull King of Beer Tankard in Blood Red and Black Metallic Glaze by NicolePangasCeramics on Etsy

Beer? Coffee? The blood of my enemies? You don't need to know what I'm drinking.


Lenny Jaws-Themed Mug by Dethskulpt on Etsy

Lenny has a smile that you'll never forget, to say the least. 


Skull Mug by TheNobleElephant on Etsy

Do you think this artist makes mugs with real skulls? Asking for a friend. 


Monster Mug with Fangs Lovecraftian Horror sculpture by OrionOddities on Etsy

No one will ever dare to drink your coffee ever again. 

Mummy by Turkey Merck

Turkey Merck is one of our personal faves, and you can totally see why. We all know this is 1000000% scarier than The Mummy (Sorry Tom Cruise). 

The only thing scarier than these mugs? Running out of coffee to drink from them.

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