6 of the Best (and Worst!) Coffee Inventions

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

#1. Bookmans Bike Coffee Cup Holder allows you to transport your coffee without going one-handed

This Coffee Cup Holder allows you to take your to-go drink wherever you go. According to Bookmans, the cup holder “clamps down on the handlebars and sits firmly in place, never losing grip even during rides over bumps and potholes”.


Even priced at a fairly steep $39 on Amazon, we think this product is pretty nifty.


Alternately, the “Uppercup” iPhone Case with Built-In Cup Holder seems fairly useless

Invented by Natwerk, this contraption allows you to become further disconnected from the real world. Apparently, the $30 item will end struggles such as this:

I think I'll pass on this one.


#2. This Self-Stirring Mug is so ridiculous that I have to have it

This self-stirring mug is a steal for $10. Powered by two AAA batteries, you’ll never have to end a good cup of coffee or chocolate milk with a pile of soot at the bottom. Win-win.


...Or you can stir coffee with your finger and have a little taste of depression

Loaded with instant coffee, “the Coffinger packaging is aluminum-coated — creating a sanitary and eco-friendly alternative…Simply tear the packaging, add coffee to hot water, turn the packaging inside-out over your finger, and stir.”

Chances are, if a spoon isn’t in arms reach, these won’t be either.

“Boy, this instant coffee that I stirred with my own finger is delicious!”, said no one ever.


#3. Coffee Joulies will keep your coffee at the perfect temp for up to five hours

Not only will these stainless steel coffee-beans keep your coffee hot, but they’ll prevent you from burning your tongue on the first sip by absorbing excess heat.

You can buy them in sets of 5 here.


Toilet Shaped Ceramic Mug will make you want to barf with every sip





While hilarious, I’m not quite sure I could stomach pouring hot, sewage-colored liquid into this mug.

On the other hand, for $12, I could justify buying this just to watch someone drink from it. Dishwasher safe!

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