5 things to do to help release your inner introvert this week

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It's Introvert Week: Tips on what to do when you're social distancing

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Extroverts, we see you. A lot of you are having a really difficult time right now not being able to be the usual “social butterfly” that you’re used to being. We know you’re great at being the social event of the season, but welcome to living more like a “misanthropic moth.” This is where we chill, regroup and spend a lot of time reflecting on things. The world practically being closed is scary for some, but for introverts, we're ready — most of us prefer living reclusively anyways.

A black meme with white text that says "I just want to drink my coffee while no one talks to me."

In fact, this week is Introverts Week. It seeks to change the stereotypes that people assume when it comes to introverts and to help those see the benefits introversion has to offer. For introverts, life is sometimes difficult when we feel hassled to fit into a society that thrives on the ability to be outgoing and active. We have a huge value in business and can greatly benefit the workplace because we can provide perspectives that others may not see. Ambition is not just exclusive to extroverts — there is room for introverts in this space, too.

Just ask Susan in Human Resources who prefers the company and solitude of hanging out with her five cats while she finishes her online degree to that of meeting five new people at your barbeque who won’t stop making small talk with her, in hopes of “bringing her out of her shell.” She’s just fine, I assure you.   

Here are 5 things extroverts can do now that may draw out the secret introvert hiding within you.

  1. Learn something new. Try your hand at learning a new language or gaining a new skillset — or maybe try a new recipe using our favorite secret ingredient: coffee. You never know how great you could be if you don’t give something new a whirl.
  2. Explore a hobby. We are “stuck at home” and introverts are delighted to jump into a new artful hobby like smoking meat, baking, gardening, reading a new book or creating something.
  3. Home repairs/remodels. You know, the stuff you’ve been putting off forever because life has just been so busy. Right now, it’s not, so relish in it and use this downtime to adjust that dripping sink or paint that bathroom.
  4. Spring cleaning. We all have way too much sh*t, so now is the time to go through it and sort it out. Repurpose it or give it away to someone who can use it.
  5. Check in with each other. Get active in online groups and communities and check up on people via phone or other online means. Not to sound biased, but our favorite is The Official Death Wish Coffee Community where we are nearing 10,000 strong. Come say “Hi” and meet some seriously great people.

No matter where you may fall in the introvert, extrovert or ambivert category, just remember that we are all in this world together. It’s up to us to make it a better place for everyone.

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