5 reasons why you should have a reusable iced coffee tumbler

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

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Warmer weather is here, which means it's officially iced coffee season (unless you're like me and that's all year round). There's nothing better than stepping into the sunshine with a cold brew in hand, but this time, let's leave the plastic behind. 

Using a reusable iced coffee cup is not only sustainable, but it keeps your iced coffee, well, cold. Eliminating waste is an added bonus — including plastic straws.

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This is where our Death Wish Coffee Cold cup produced by Klean Kanteen, comes in. This reusable tumbler keeps coffee cold for 24 hours, and even comes with a reusable straw that's inserted through the top of the lid. 

No matter if you're looking to keep your coffee cold or to be a more sustainable coffee drinker, here's why you should buy a reusable cold coffee tumbler. 

1. They're better for the environment

An estimated 16 billion disposable cups are used each year, and the vast majority of them end up in landfills. But reusable water bottles and coffee mugs can reduce this number greatly. All you have to do is wash your cup and bam, you're ready for round two. 

Also, reusable straws! The average person uses 38,000 plastic straws in their lifetimes. Seriously? All you need is one reusable one. Reusable cold brew tumblers will usually come with a reusable straw, and if they don't, you can buy reusable straw kits for super cheap online.

So instead of picking up a new cup every time you hit the drive thru, carry a reusable mug for your refills. This leads right in to number 2. 

2. Coffee shops will fill it with your favorite brew — some even with a discount 

Various coffee chains and local shops will fill your reusable cup up, and will even offer a discount for those who use reusable mugs. If you're a frequent coffee shop visitor, this will also help you save some money, too. Win win? We think so.

3. They're way better at keeping your coffee cold

Let's face it — drinking iced coffee out of a plastic cup sucks. The ice melts, your coffee becomes extremely watered down, and your plastic cup "sweats" all over the place. With an insulated travel mug, this isn't the case. 

Our cold cup comes with a double-wall vacuum insulation that will keep your iced coffee cold for 24 hours. Yep, a whole damn day.

4. They can be taken on the go with ease

Plastic coffee cups are hard to transport with you. But our cold cup comes with a spill-proof lid, even with the straw. This means you can carry it with easy without worrying about spilling even a drop of your ice cold brew.

5. Your coffee will taste better 

Reusable coffee mugs eliminate the added tastes of plastic or paper in your morning coffee. I want the taste of paper or plastic in my coffee about just as much as I want half a bottle of coffee creamer. Yuck. 

Plus, homemade cold brew is pretty damn tasty. Make it right at home, pour into your favorite reusable mug, and go.

Get a reusable Death Wish Coffee Cold Cup here. 

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