Death Wish Coffee 4th of July Tankards Honor Uncle Sam

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Note: Mug will be released on June 23rd
Samuel Wilson, also known as Uncle Sam, was a meat packer in Troy, NY. Primarily sending barrels of food to US soldiers during the war, Uncle Sam would mark the barrels "U.S.", for United States.

Above: The first known image published of Uncle Sam

It is said that the massive quantity of food provided for soldiers packed by Uncle Sam would lead to the association with the initials themselves. Soldiers would then make the connection between the shared initials between the United States and Uncle Sam, both representing freedom and equality at a largely patriotic time in the United States.
Above: Uncle Sam's Thanksgiving shows the welcoming of people of all kinds including black, white, chinese, indian, and several others 
 Uncle Sam was popularized by the illustration featuring "I WANT YOU!", a popular war recruitment poster.

We decided that Uncle Sam should be honored on the Death Wish 4th of July Tankards

Rather than a flag or an eagle for the mug design, Uncle Sam was the first to come to mind when we thought of the 4th of July and freedom in general.
Available June 23rd at 10am EST
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