Announcing the Cauldron-Aged Pumpkin Coffee by Death Wish

We knew that going into this that there is a stigma associated with pumpkin spice coffee, and for a good reason. Since most companies use artificial pumpkin flavoring for their pumpkin coffee, we decided to do something different. 


Our inspiration for the aged pumpkin was our homemade chai, a staple in the coffee shop that Death Wish Coffee was created in. Many request a Death Chai, or a typical "dirty chai", using a shot of Death Wish for espresso. 


Since many of the chai spices are similar to a pumpkin spices, the opportunity to make such a unique pumpkin coffee couldn't be passed up.  We take spices from around the world such as cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger, and simmer them for about 12 hours. 


For the Caulron-Aged Pumpin, we then mix the batch of chai with the unroasted coffee beans and let them age for 10-12 days. This gives the beans a chance to absorb and inherit the flavors from the spices. Once the beans are dry enough to roast, we finish it off with our signature Death Wish Coffee roasting process.

Available soon.