31 Days of Halloween: Day 2: Abandoned Beauty

By Teah Teriele — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Welcome to 31 days of Halloween! Since Halloween is our favorite month, we've decided to showcase some of our favorite art, products, and more. Usually when people go crazy about a Holiday a month in advance, it's excessive. Halloween is the exception. 


Abandoned Chocolate Factory by Redditor proj3ctm4yh3murbex
Abandoned palace in Poland. Photo by Lukasz Malkiewicz
Abandoned Wizard Of Oz Theme Park - Yellow Brick Road by tk0667
Abandoned Theatre in Detroit, now used as parking garage
Church in the U.P. of Michigan
The Virginia Renaissance Fair Photo by Noor Varjabedian
Abandoned Rail Bridge Taiwan
Woodward Avenue Presbyterian Church
155-year-old disused Seminary, partially collapsed after a strong wind-storm, Fenton, MI, US
Staircase in an old factory in Italy vinkulelu
Abandoned illegal strip club in a resort town somewhere in the mountains of Japan

The orange groves of Florida used to be a popular tourist attraction in the 1950's to 60's. This old roadside fruit stand, served it's last customer many years ago. Mount Dora, FL.

Confiscated luggage and then forgotten. Western Mental Health Institute State Hospital. Bolivar, TN.

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