3 Benefits of Coffee & Wine

By Megan Dority — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

From vices to virtues

By Lisa Frania, Guest Blogger

For most of usour day doesn’t officially begin until we brew our first cup of steaming, hot coffee. And it doesn’t end until we pour ourselves a glass of wine.

Coffee and wined being poured into a mug and wine glass, respectively

So, if you’ve missed the memo, there’s great news for coffee and wine drinkers! Inspired by Medium.com, here are 3 reasons (among others) you should brew your favorite cup o’ joe and pop the cork off that cabernet: 

1. They give us time to slow our roll.

In this crazy, pandemic worldwe roll out of bed just in time for our first Zoom meeting—and a day of way too many hours in front of the computer screen. Don’t forget about grinding out the mound of household duties before we fall into bed at night. Now more than ever before, we need to take time to find our balance, catch our breath and just slow down a little. Coffee and wine are the perfect beverages to help us do just that. We sip our morning coffee slowly, and as it steams under our nose, we get lost in a caffeinated trance—ready to conquer the world. We savor each sip of wine, allowing our senses to transport us to a land far, far away from the evening news. Coffee and wine relax us, slow our pace, and help us enjoy the moment we’re in, even if that moment is escaping reality. 

2. They create connections.

Both coffee and wine are meant to be enjoyed with the people we care about. They aren’t beverages that people typically just gulp down in isolation—although we won’t judge you if you do. It’s not every day we’re living in a global pandemic. While morning gossip at the local coffee shop or happy hour at your favorite bar might not be realistic right now, tipping a few with friends is still a necessity. We’ve just become more creative in how we go about it. The bottom line is that coffee and wine are meant to be consumed with friends and family. Relationships should be the most important focus for us right now and how we measure our lives and happiness amidst this chaos.

3. They are good for our health.

According to Consumer Reports, there are even health benefits connected to drinking coffee and wine.  The two beverages have been linked to “increasing life span, boosting blood flow, and diminishing the risk of depression.”  In addition, both coffee and red wine contain powerful antioxidants, which can prevent diseasesboost the immune system and lower cholesterol. Thankfully, besides these positive health benefits, they’re more fun to drink too! So move over, juice cleanse.

Although drinking these two beverages won’t solve all of life’s problems, they might help you solve a few.  

Drinking coffee and wine in combination with a healthy diet will definitely add some health benefits, foster relationships, along with adding zip of flavorful zen to begin the day and end the night in the right way. Bottoms up! 

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