5 Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep Because Coffee

By Kristen Underwood — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

5 Resolutions For 2018

Every year when the New Year rolls around, I find myself having mixed drinks about feelings of new resolutions. The pressure of this universal ‘reset’ button is approaching and it’s coming in hot and strong, just like my coffee. Everyone around me is spilling their plans of bettering themselves in the upcoming year, and all I can think is, that’s what you said last year. Call me selfish, but the New Year does not mean new you unless you follow through.

We’ve all heard the same old resolutions, year after year that go a little something like this… “This year, I’ll eat healthier,” “This year, I’ll exercise more,” “This year, I’ll stop smoking,” which typically end in an unnecessary gym membership that lasts maybe a month that you’re stuck paying for and one stressful moment away from buying another pack of cigarettes, since quitting cold turkey naturally just isn’t for everyone, especially around the holidays. This year, try setting a goal that will help you continue to grow in something that you already do every day of your life. That being said, my New Year’s resolution will be to improve the quality of my coffee life, in hopes that it will perk me up enough to crush all my other seemingly far-fetched goals. If you, too drink coffee every day, try these 5 things with me:


  1. Support Your Local Coffee Shop
    Coffee from a good quality neighborhood coffee shop, will almost always have a “roasted on” date, which coffee lovers will all agree when I say, the fresher the beans, the better. Coffee beans at a grocery store are more than likely only a couple aisles away from the brownie mix, so you’re scoring points for convenience but probably losing out on freshness. 

  2. Try At Least One New Brewing Method
    This coffee rut I’ve been in has got to go. I’ve been using the same brewers for years and it’s time for some new experiments. A pour-over brewer is an inexpensive investment that can turn something you know nothing about into an extreme hobby, such as brewing. All it takes is a little practice and the right coffee, and you’ll have your technique down in no time. Now you’ll always stay true to your brew.

  3. Slow Down and Enjoy Your Coffee
    All too often, we’re waking up last minute, tossing a k cup into the machine, rushing around to get ready for work and by the time we reach for our mugs, our coffee is cold. Now we’re forced to either stop and spend money or wait until work for our first real cup of coffee. This year seems like a good year to slow down, get yourself into bed at a decent time and wake up with enough time to relax and enjoy your coffee before getting ready.

  4. Learn More About The Process
    I have roasting down to an art when it comes to roasting my friends. Now, I’d like to turn that into a learning experience. The roasting process has a lot to do with that perfect cup you look forward to every morning. Try taking a roasting class or reading up about it. Let’s have a toast to the roast!

  5. Keep It Simple
    I find that more often than not, the proclaimed coffee lovers that surround us are actually infatuated with the flavor of the creamer they’re using, or the flavored syrup settling in the bottom of a café cup. I, too, like to add a little creamer to my Joe. While adding a little something to your coffee is perfectly okay, try a cup of black coffee, nothing added at least once this year. The best thing about black coffee is the more you drink it, the flavor notes of the brew become significantly more noticeable. When you add creamer, you could go with just about any blend and you won’t know the difference through the sweet flavor you’ve already added. This makes for a great year of experiencing new blends and a world of choosing the right blend for you.

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