20+20 good things that happened in 2020

By Megan Dority — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

The good in the bad...

We're not going to lie...2020 was a total dumpster fire. From a  global pandemic and devastating natural disasters to murder hornets and a country upended by a fight for racial equality—this year was no walk in the park. 

"2020" on fire with Death Wish Coffee logos in place of the zeroes

It’s times like these when it’s really difficult to see the mug half full—or even a quarter full, for that matter. But if we can turn beans into a magical, highly caffeinated, delicious beverage, we can certainly try our best to see the good in 2020. 

From quarantine-induced bonus time with family to small acts of kindness and bingeworthy TV shows, here’s a little reminder of the good things that happened in 2020. 

  1. Drive-in movie theaters made a comeback 
  2. TikTok blew up and cured our boredom 
  3. Restaurants and bars started serving to-go cocktails, and it changed our lives 
  4. Tiger King and Carol Baskin somehow connected us all 
  5. Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce gave us new music to dance to (plus, Cardi B released WAP, which became a viral TikTok sensation and a girl-dad's nightmare)  
  6. Restaurants shared their top-secret recipes so we could make them at home 
  7. Going for a drive became a thing again 
  8. We expanded our team by nearly 50%, bringing job opportunities to a community in need 
  9. For the first time ever, the Academy Award for best picture went to an international feature film, “Parasite” 
  10. We learned that homeschooling is hard and finally recognized teachers for the heroes that they are 
  11. Foster pets in need were adopted amid the pandemic 
  12. People got outdoors and explored new ways to get active 
  13. We moved out of citiesin with our parents and got to spend quality time with them that we wouldn’t have had otherwise 
  14. Our “Broke Not Busted” campaign raised funds for Saratoga Springs service-industry workers who were impacted by the pandemic 
  15. Puzzles and board games became cool again 
  16. Social-distance neighborhood happy hours became our favorite pastime  
  17. Mattel diversified its Barbie doll collection by finally introducing dolls with disabilities, more realistic body types, different hairstyles, and skin tones   
  18. Wearing sweatpants and tees became fashion forward 
  19. Crayola launched a box of crayons with diverse skin tones from around the world so children can “accurately color themselves into the world 
  20. We showed our appreciation to truck drivers on the front lines by donating $10,000 through our “Thank a Trucker” campaign 
  21. Instead of having a holiday party, we donated to charities 
  22. SpaceX launched two astronauts into space for the first time 
  23. We enjoyed personal concerts from home 
  24. We once again participated in “Toys for Toga” by collecting and donating toys for our community in need this holiday season 
  25. Eloping made a comeback 
  26. Car parades became the new big birthday bash 
  27. We brushed up on our sewing skills and made masks for the people who need them most 
  28. We proved working from home works  
  29. Medical science has met us in the moment with a speedy, much-needed vaccine  
  30. Distilleries switched from keeping us tipsy to keeping us clean by using their resources to produce hand sanitizer 
  31. Every evening, cities throughout our country saluted healthcare and essential workers by cheering from their rooftops and windows 
  32. Celebrities surprised graduates at virtual commencement ceremonies 
  33. A record number of Americans turned out to vote in our national election, pandemic notwithstanding 
  34. A baby was born from an embryo frozen more than 27 years ago 
  35. We sent cards and letters to nursing home residents and our customers 
  36. Animal and Zoo livestreams saved our sanity 
  37. UFO’s became a real thing 
  38. The oldest Bachelorette made her debut on ABC at the ripe age of 40 
  39. Lockdown improved global emissions 
  40. The importance of mental health was destigmatized   


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